Sunday, 30 June 2019

True life story: why God never gave you a baby boy !!!

Once upon a time there was a man who married two wives, the first wife was from a rich family and gave birth to six beautiful girls. the second wife was poor and childless, the first wife always mock the second wife about her predicament look at her barren woman you will soon pack your load and leave "your God has failed you" ! she will taunt the poor woman. after so many years being childless, God finally answered the first wife prayers and she gave birth to a boy, her husband was very excited because his family has finally been blessed with a son.

  The first wife hatred for her rivalry got more severe to the extent the first wife visited a herbalist and seeked for poison or anything that could harm someone, and the herbalist gave her three big snakes, when you get home, command, two snakes to go and kill the baby boy your rivalry gave birth to make sure that the boy is Asleep. she went home lately in the night and saw the boy sleeping alone, she slowly opened the door and commanded the two snakes to kill the boy she then left. The snakes crawled to where the boy was but when they got closer to him, they saw two angles with flaming sword ! They crawled out and went straight to the first wife daughters room. the next morning she woke up and saw her daughter's all dead she rushed out and called everyone in the neighborhood to seek for help but no one was willing to offer help because of her character.

  she then called on everyone to gather up she wants to confess she started crying, she shouted it was my doing, "it was all my doing" i was the one that sent two snakes last night to kill my rivalry's son and God turned his back against me it must be all your Gods doing, am so so sorry for all my wrog doings forgive me please. 

That is why if you are planning bad against someone it will turn back against you, i am always 1 steps ahead of my enemies. if you went through this story just think twice before trying to harm someone.

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