Friday, 12 July 2019


Welcome to our world, Have you been looking for Health Tips for women ? 

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This health tips listed below is highly recommendy for women.

• Morning exercise after sleep is highly recommended.

• Drink at least 8 glass of water in a day.

• Use clean water and clean towel for your skin.

• Relax more to avoid being over stressed at least 8 hours sleep.

• Wash your hands after using bathroom before eating.

• Do Stretching exercise when you wake up from sleep, it keeps you fit.

• Smile and have fun, don't way you won't feel lonely.

• Early to bed, early to rise, it improves your health condition.

• Go for check-up at least weekly or monthly your health Really matters.

• Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, they are nutritious.

• Start your day by eating breakfast daily.

• watch your weight.

• Don't ignore your sleep at all.

• Take more protein and carbohydrates in your diets.

• Take green tea daily.

• Don't sit for long, get up and stretch your body.

• Brush your teeth, at least twice in a day.

• Don't scrub your eyes when you wake up from sleep, instead wash your face with warm water.

• Always eat slowly.

• Never go a day without taking breakfast.

• Spend more time with your family, it keeps good memories of them.

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