Sunday, 28 July 2019

Keep Away From These Cancer Causing Foods Doctors Warn

It has been observed that we do take in more snacks and processed foods now adays, medical expert's are warning the global world about this.

These foods and snacks cause cause cancer and one can get it any sooner.

1. Meat Being Processed: Processed Meats Cooked or Before cooking is very dangerous to our health, These are example of the products. Hot dog, bacon, sausages they contain plenty salt along with chemicals that causes cancer which is nitrite. Daily eating of meat may cause you cancer, rather buy fresh meat from butcher's in the market.

2. Oven Popcorn: Popcorn is very very healthy as a snack, don't eat popcorn processed with microwave bag, the flavor being used it toxic, for safety use air popper or stove to cook your popcorn along with Olive oil. 

3. Foods that are being canned: canned foods contain alot of salt, the problem with canned foods is that the cans contains chemical lining which worsen up things. The chemical called BPA is cancer related, find cans that are BPA free or buy fresh foods from the market. BPA damages the hormone, it is refereed to as disrupter.

4. Red meat: Expert's and doctors do advice us to keep away from red meat, keep away from it takes down the risk of getting cancer.

5. Stay away from soft drinks: keep away from soft drinks they contain sugar, it rises up blood sugar In the body, if you want a drink take in fruit juice.

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