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List of courses offered in IBB University

You might have been wondering which courses are offered in IBBUL, Don't worry you are at the right place.
• List Of Courses Offered In IBBUL
• Faculties In IBBUL
• Requirements Needed To Study In IBBUL.
This is the complete list of courses offered in IBBUL Kindly go through them gently if you are applying check and pick your choice.
- Agricultural Extension
- Arabic
- Agriculture
- Accounting
- Biology
- Biological Sciences
- Biochemistry
- Chemistry
- Mathematics
-  Microbiology
- Physics
- Geography
- Business Administration
- Economics
- Public administration
- Political Science
- Sociology
- Linguistics
- Geology
- Food Science and Technology
- Computer Science.
- Agric Education,
- Biology Education
- Chemistry Education
- Computer Science Education
- Geography Education
Physics Education
- Counselling psychology
- Adult Education
- KHE (Sport Science, Human Kinetics)
- Transport Management
- History And International Studies.

After going through the the list of courses offered in IBBUL you would also like to see the list of faculties in the school.
They are four in numbers
- Faculty of natural science
- Faculty Of Applied Science And Technology
- Faculty Of Education And Art
- Faculty Of Management And Social Science.
The following listed below are the requirements needed to study in IBBUL.
Requirements Needed To Study In IBBUL
- Must Have Attained The Age of 16 Before Applying For University.
- Get 5 Credits In Your O level Results, Two Sitting Is Allowed. Among This 5  Credits Maths And English Included.
- Get A Good Score Jamb Score.
- Do The Right Subjects Combination For The Course You Are Applying.

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