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Do you want to get exposed to internet user's ?

Do you own a business/brand that you would like millions of audience get to know you ? 

Our World provides you with large range of content people engage in our everyday life. Our World is growing everyday and we are receiving Lot of traffic with thousands of page views which will increase over time.

You advertising with us, guarantees you lot of sales of your goods/services.

Online advertisement attract traffic to a website services or product they offer you can submit your ads to us or we will create a content full of your product description. 

Our forms of Banner Ads

• {Mobile Ads Banner} 300×50
• {Skyscraper} 160×600
• {Medium Rectangular} 300×250 
•{large Rectangle} 300×600.

Other Forms Of Advertisement

We offer :

• A Text Format Link Shown Our Mobile Site
• Text Ads
• Sponsored Post- Do You Have Any Product or Services You Would Like The World To Know About ? You can get a Sponsored post on our website.


Mobile Banner 300×50= N300 per day

Sky Scrapper 160×600= N450 per day

Medium Rectanguler= N350 per day 

Large Rectangular= N500 per day.

Discount available depending on how long you work with us.

For review on Brands, Applications And Products.

It will cost you N2000 ($5).

Politics, Government And Sponsored Post, Cost (N15000) $40.


we give 30% discount when you write and submit your content to us for publishing.


The sponsord post will remain live on our world as long as the site exists, it actually implies that no time limit.

Also, your sponsored post will be shared on our social media to get enough awareness and our suscribers will also get to read it too. your article will remain live on our sidebar for 20 days as it will boost your popularity.

If you have any other product you want it to go viral, feel free to 👇

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