Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Must read! Why StudentsFail jamb Every Year !!!

Good Day Have You Been Wondering Why People Fail To Pass Jamb Every Year ? Today I Am Going To Discuss This.....

In today's world many people have been failing jamb the question is why ? Ok let me tell you this today some people fail jamb because they believe it is luck and therefore they don't bother to read.
If you have self believe and put trust in yourself no one can stop you I mean self determination, some people discourage you by saying I won't read if I pass I pass, if I fail I fail is that a good speech at all. No not all you can't be like others some people are just there to destroy you and your future, they smile with you when you are around them but you never know their true intention. It is said that you never know who your true friend is unless during your hard times, you can detect from their see who stands up for you.

  Back to business, Humans are great contributors to failure there are some who encourages you but are few in numbers while some are discouraging by telling you not to read. Is what you believe in that usually occurs just because your friend did not read for his/her exams does that mean you should also not read ? Some read and tell you they never read through their notes whereby it a lie Read and pray they play the key role to success. For instance the person leading your class in academic performance wrote jamb and scored 300 are you going to call it luck ? Nop There is this heavenly saying Heaven helps those who helps themselves and it really happens, so imagine you did not read for jamb you expect yourself to pass. If you read you pass, you don't read you fail secrets you need to know about CBT exams did you ever noticed this if you don't know a question in CBT exam you don't know that's just it.

  Why I Said You Shouldn't Call Jamb A Luck If You Are Still Doubting Me I Will Make Things Clear For You.

People who passed jamb do you think they just sat down and watching ? Nope they worked for it and you can also do that, No effort is a waste. Don't just sit back and watch stand up for yourself. Their are people who don't read and pass jamb yes we call that luck but there are very few of them just because they are like that doesn't mean everyone else in the world are like that. Am I making sense try to think it through during your leisure time, only the reasonable ones will understand.

  Stop discouraging yourself by calling jamb a luck if you decide to call it a luck then you are gambling the answers by doing tick and go. No that is never a way out. People with high score must of them worked towards it and they achived it you can also do that by having self determinism.
If you don't work towards your aim who will ? Everybody has his or her life to live the future starts now. Wake up how you live your life, now determines how your future will be. Have plans for yourself, read and pray and God will see you through.

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