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How Jamb Caps Works : Guide's And Steps

How Jamb Caps Works : Guides And Steps, everything is in order for this year admission processing.
  Jamb is now your admission processor, jamb uses the system called (CAPS) to give admission to every of it candidate. Utme examination is over all jamb candidates eyes moves to the next part in the admission processing, after Seeing their utme score. Have a glance at this, do you want to know if you have been given admission yet ? in short many more. Do you know about (CAPS) ? it means Central Admission Processing. This system was launched by jamb to supervise the admission process of all candidates. so how does (CAPS) works. The purpose of this caps is to supervise your admission process so that the institution you applied for doesn't deny you admission when you are equal to the task. (JAMB) grants you access regularly to your profile to view the progress between the body and your preferred institution. 
   Do you recall ? you created a jamb profile during your jamb registration, this form is required before and after admission is given to you. let's get to work how do you access your (CAPS) with it.

• If you have forgotten your password kindly click on reset password.

• you will be mailed a link to reset your password

• click on that link

• you will be redirected to a new webpage on your browser

• enter your new password and submit.

you are done.change your browser to desktop site it is usually located at the right hand side of your browser by clicking on the three dot icon and scroll down to desktop site. Now login to check if your new password is working.
if you logged in successfully to your jamb profile, you will be able to see (CAPS) on the left corner your device might differ but it all the same process after all. 
Take Note : This link will only display when admission process begins, not before the process. if it has not appeard yet then the admission process has not started yet.- kindly check back later.
after that click the link name admission status to know your destiny. you need to understand the (CAPS) status message display on the screen, you should be able to differentiate between the messages displays, when you check back. 
It will display this message for all candidates "welcome". most of the candidates do complain that only the welcome "message" displays on their screen. 

   Change your phone to desktop site is indicated above or use a pc to check, if (CAPS) displays ("Not Admitted") it simply means the institution has not offered you admission. 
that doesn't implies that you won't get admission. it just that no school has offered you admission yet. what you are expected to do next is to wait for your most preferred institution to commence admission verification, if it i
has not started then you will have to exercise patience a little. when it commences the school sends the list of admitted students to jamb for processing, every admitted student will get his/her message on her page that's on (CAPS). don't faustrate yourself by saying because your friend choosed that institution and saw his/her admission and you have not seen your's doesn't mean your admission is not guaranteed you will get when it your turn, names are being sent gradually, all you are expected to do is to keep checking regularly until they stop giving admission wish you all sucess  if CAPS displays ("Admission in progress") it simply implies that your name has been sent to jamb for approval of your admission. congratulations if you see this message your admission is being verified by jamb that us why it still displaying "admission in progress" all your need to do is to keep checking back until it finally displays ("Congratulations you have been offered admission" into your preferred institution and course will be attached 
too). the school offerd you admission but jamb has to view it they may decide to change your course if you don't meet up with the course you applied for. after the "congratulations" message and you are satisfied with the course being given to you, Accept or Reject botton displays under it you will have to choose one of them. if you have not accept it your jamb admission letter won't be printable, and if you Reject it the space will be given to another aspirant. 
  If you accept the admission, then you can go ahead and print your admission letter, then wait for the school list to be released on the school portal.
If you rejected the admission then kindly exercise patience maybe another school might offer you admission.

Wish you all sucess in every step you take in life, if you are still not clear with anything and have questions Scroll below and comment we will respond to you as quick as possible.

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