Saturday, 10 August 2019

How To Cure Cough Naturally

How to cure cough naturally and faster, have you been having cough and you want to cure it ? This is a natural way of curing cough and it is very effective and faster.

Cough can be cured naturally but you can also visit hospitals to get drugs.

Tips on how to cure cough naturally

• Tea with honey: drink tea and add honey to you, highly recommended for cough.

• Stop Smoking: smoking causes hearth disease, you are damaging your inner cells by doing that.

• Hot water: take hot water it clears up the throat, it is very effective.

• Use two pillows to lift up your head at night, avoid facing up while sleeping as it will increase your cough.

• Mint: it helps 100% in curing cough at least two or three times in a day.

• Stay away from dust: dust is very bad for our health, keep away from it as it causes unnecessary cough.

• Warm water: take warm water when eating, so as to suppress the Cogh and keep you warm.

• warm birth: always use warm water or water when taking your birth as it increases your chance getting rid of cough.

• Inhale: inhale hot water by covering your head with towel, remove immiedietly if you don't feel comfortable.

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