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How To Overcome Masturbation (5Legit Ways)

How To Overcome Masturbation (5Legit Ways)

   This tips are very effective if you use them well, if you are determined you will surely overcome it, strengthen yourself and get yourself cured.

Avoid any temptation that comes your way.

• You Need self-control

Don't touch your private part when you are alone, unless you are in toilet for bathing sake or other activities. develop that habit of mingling with people don't stay alone. 

if you have friends having the same problem, you need to cut-off ties with them, don't mingle with them, friends are influential you will never get rid of it, you being together with them your condition will only get worst so try to be with good companies as they will make you feel comfortable.

• When you are in the bathroom

don't look at mirror and give yourself adoration, don't stay in the bathroom for long at least six to seven minutes, take your bath dry yourself and get dressed. mingle with your family members, try and take your mind off that think about something different have a lot of fun. 

• Before sleep

Make sure you take shower before sleeping to avoid touching your body parts, masturbation occurs to most people at night when they lay on bed if it getting out of hand I suggest you eat some snacks even when it is late at night, the reason why I suggest this is to get your mind off it. Wear extra clothes as it makes you not getting the feeling of touching your body, cold shower helps in calming down the body, do that on a regular basis, stop thinking about it before sleeping just keep calm and focus on sleep.

• Stop Watching Porn

Be it magazines, videos, or any other similar thing related to it, make sure to throw them away so that you won't be thinking of it all day, do you know the more you stock to these you are making the situation worst ? You want to get rid of something you shouldn't be back down just work it out by watching porn movies you are making the body feel likewise rather just keep them away from you and get a good result of what you are trying to accomplish that's a very good way to start.

• You have to be patience

Do you know that it doesn't work overnight or hours it something you need to keep working hard on, with time you will be able to overcome it, just be determined, have you heard of these "what comes with ease doesn't last and what comes with struggles lasts longer", just keep focused and use these tips on a regular basis you will surely overcome it.


You are masturbating doesn't mean you are not healthy, you are. It happens in our daily life. You just need to control your sexual activities.

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